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Traditional Jewelry of Jaipur

If you want to buy any special gift from Jaipur for your wife, girlfriend, daughter or mother, no doubt, Jaipur jewelries are the best option. Jaipur will never disappoint those, who love ancient heritage and exquisite jewelry. You can see wide collection of contemporary as well as conventional jewelry that is integral and inherent part of Rajasthan culture. The market places in Jaipur like Johari Bazaar, Haldion ka Rasta, M.I Road, Maniharon Ka Rasta, Gopalji Ka Rasta, Tripolia Bazar and Surajpol Bazar are famous for jewelry and gem shopping.

Jewelry in jaipurYou can see different styles of jewelry in Jaipur like Thewa jewelry, Kundan jewelry, Meenakari Jewelery etc. Various types of precious gems like emeralds, rubies and even sapphires are used in these ornaments made of both gold and silver. These exceptional pieces of jewelry, which are made with care and finesse, have huge demand all over the world.

Thewa Jewelry
Thewa Jewelry, which has been a popular Rajasthani jewelry design since the Mughal ages, is made with a very unique technique. These exquisite and unique Jaipuri jewelries are made and embossed with gold sheets on molten glass and they are available in a wide range of different designs.

Kundan Jewelry
Kundan Jewelry is widely used in Jaipur, especially in wedding and other festive occasions. Polished gemstones in variety of colours are carefully set in these ornaments, which are made of pure gold or any other metal. The first stage of making Kundan Jewelry is a complex framework called the Ghaat and it is followed ‘Paadh’ procedure. ‘Khudai’ is the final process, which is molding the laz/wax with the gems.

Meenakari Jewelry
Meenakari Jewelry, which is incorporated with different other styles like Jadu, Thewa, Kundan and temple jewelry, is the most important jewelry design in Rajasthan. It was Raja Mansingh of Amer who first introduced this art form. As the artisans from Lahore taught Meenakari Jewelry the jewelers and craftsmen of Rajasthan, it is a blend of Lahori and Jaipuri designs. Meenkari Jewerly designs are very complex and the people need a great deal of talent and dexterity to do this technical process. In Meenkari Jewelry, the ornament made in silver or gold is filled with various colours. Even though an colour can be used with gold, only some colours like blue, green and yellow stick to silver.Jwelery in Jaipur

Jadau Jewelry
Jadau Jewelry is a popular design in Mughal Era and is widely used in special occasions like marriage and other celebrations. In these jewelries, different type of crystals, gems, semi-precious stones and even beads are embedded in pre-heated and softened gold without using any glue or other bonding agents.

Tourists from all corners of the world visit Jaipur attracted by the famous unique jewelries. The gems and jewelry of Jaipur are world famous and their unique antique design never goes out of fashion.

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