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Thai Restaurants in Jaipur

Thai food joint in Jaipur

Thai cuisine can be considered as a merger of the South and East Asian traditions. This traditional cuisine has a worldwide demand. It is not at all a doubtful fact that each and every metropolitan city in India has a no. of popular Thai restaurants, serving authentic Thai dishes. Jaipur, the capital city of the most colorful Indian state Rajasthan is home to a no. of well facilitated Thai restaurants.

Restaurants serving Thai dishes along with different Indian and European dishes are commonly seen in Jaipur. The well prepared Thai dishes with strong aromatic components is loved by the people belongs to every age levels in the Jaipur city. The Thai restaurants in the city are regular locations for the weeknight dinner to the families love the Thai flavors in Jaipur. Different Thai restaurants in Jaipur prepare the authentic Thai meal in which the four fundamental taste senses of Thai cuisine sour, sweet, salty, and bitter are combined to attract the lovers of Thai food in the city. Thai meals available in the city consist of a main single dish along with a no. of complementary dishes. The tourists to the heritage city, Jaipur prefer the Thai restaurants in the city to have their meal.

Desserts in Thai Restaurants Jaipur

The Thai desserts are the extensive part of the popular Thai cuisines. Thai desserts mainly include traditionally prepared yummy Thai sweets. The Thai sweets available in the Jaipur Thai restaurants can be considered as the best option to finish with a typical Thai meal in Jaipur Thai restaurants. Tropical fruits, coconut cream, and sweet sticky rice are the major ingredients of the Thai sweets served in the Thai restaurants in Jaipur. Khao Neow Toorien (Durian Coconut Milk Soup with Sticky Rice), Khanom Gluay (Banana Treat), Khanom Jark (Palm Leaf Treat) and Tong Yord (Round Egg Yolk Tart) are some of the mouthwatering sweets available in the Jaipur Thai restaurants.

Delicious Thai Food Joints in Jaipur

The Thai restaurants in Jaipur can be considered as the best place in the entire Rajasthan state, where authentic Thai food is available. The traditional Thai spices and aromatic components are used to prepare the authentic Thai meal in Jaipur. Many of the residents in the city are regular customers to these restaurants, since they are providing innovative Thai dishes along with traditional Indian flavors. Tom Yam Goong (Spicy Thai Soup), Pad Thai, Tom Jap Chai (Boiled Vegetable Soup), Geng Kheaw Wan Gai (Green Curry Chicken), and Kao Phad (Fried Rice) are the major Thai dishes served in the Thai and multi cuisine restaurants in Jaipur.

The Tom Yam Goong, a dish with combined spicy sour flavor is the favorite for the Thai food lovers in Jaipur to have with rice. The Pad Thai is a Thai dish that doesn’t need an introduction. There is a no. of varieties of this dish in the jaipur Thai restaurants. Geng Kheaw Wan Gai (Green Curry Chicken) is another popular Thai dish served in the Thai eateries in Jaipur. It is somewhat similar to the chicken curry prepared in some south Indian states. Kao Phad (Fried Rice) is the favorite for people in Jaipur loving the Thai flavors. The dish can be enjoyed with other side dishes, while shrimp and chicken are the best suggested items to eat with Kao Phad.

Famous Thai Restaurants in Jaipur

The details of some of the restaurants in Jaipur serving Thai dishes are given below:

Northern Thai

This is a popular restaurant in Jaipur focusing mainly on the preparation of the Thai flavors. The restaurant serves only vegetarian items. The authentic Thai vegetarian flavors available in these restaurants are the favorite for the vegetarians in the city loving Thai food.
  • Address: 4th Floor, Food Court, Pink Square Mall, Raja Park, Jaipur
  • Phone no.: 0141 5101876
  • Tariff: Around Rs 300 for two people 
  • Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM


It is a reputed Thai restaurant working on the MI road in Jaipur. The restaurant is open for 24 hours of the day to serve the foodies in Jaipur and prepares only authentic Thai cuisine. This is a completely air conditioned eatery. The Wi-Fi connectivity is enabled in the restaurant for the sake of maximum convenience to the customers of Pinxx.
  • Address: Royal Orchid Central, A 26, A/2, Jaisingh Highway, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur
  • Phone no.: 0141 4051234
  • Tariff: Around Rs 1800 for two people, excluding service charges
  • Timings: 24 Hours

Dragon Bar restaurant

This is a non vegetarian restaurant serving Thai flavors in Jaipur. This multi cuisine restaurant prepares innovative Thai dishes along with Indian and European dishes. Wine and Beer is available in this bar restaurant as alcoholic beverages. Outdoor seating is also facilitated in this air conditioned restaurant.
  • Address: K 12, Level 8, Aarcade, Malviya Marg, C Scheme, Jaipur
  • Phone no.: 0141 3319201
  • Tariff: Around Rs 1600 for two people (with alcohol)
  • Timings: 1 PM to 12 Midnight

Zoya - Fairmont

It is a multi cuisine restaurant in Jaipur serving Thai dishes and some the foreign and Indian dishes. The availability of authentic Thai dishes along with other European dishes and high quality services make this restaurant a favorite of the tourists to Jaipur. Wi-Fi availability and outdoor seating are examples of the attractive features of this eatery.
  • Address:Hotel Fairmont Jaipur, 2, RIICO, Kukas, Jaipur
  • Phone no.: 0142 6420000
  • Tariff: Around Rs 3000 for two people (with alcohol)
  • Timings: 6 AM to 11 PM

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