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Science Park Jaipur

Science Park Jaipur

For most students and general people alike Science is a subject that is highly boring, or is usually considered as a subject that is prerogative of studious students or highly accomplished people. However, for people of Jaipur science doesn’t necessarily have to be synonymous with boredom or frighteningly intellectual. If anything people of Jaipur can have immense fun while learning priceless lessons of science. This is all thanks to a dedicated Science Park in Jaipur, which is located in renowned Shastri Nagar. At Science Park Jaipur science is indeed a far cry from being an utterly boring & mundane subject. Here in fact science meets entertainment in the most remarkable way.

Established in 1998, Science Park Jaipur was brainchild of Department of Science & Technology of Rajasthan Government. This park was envisioned purely for the purpose of inculcating scientific awareness among budding students and general people alike, but not without dose of fun and entertainment. And this unique park, it seems, has achieved its desired and noble intentions quite convincingly.

This is amply proven by the fact that it has been visited by more than 10 million people since its inception. The reason for its popularity is actually more than obvious. However, keeping aside its obvious entertainment quotient itself, people also do visit this park for the fact that they get to see many wonders of modern science in the midst of lush & serene greenery. And secondly & most importantly, the park itself is very big and offers many interesting attractions including state-of-the-art 4000 sq mtrs Regional Science Center. This unique park is indeed a huge ocean of science where you can explore all the modern miracles of science under one roof.

Here is a look down on what all interesting attractions you can explore at this Science Park.

Traffic Park: A miniature traffic park that is a small, cute world in itself. It teaches small kids all the nuances of road traffic in a very fun way.

Life Size Dinosaur: A replica of life size dinosaur located in the very heart of the park is one of the fine attractions here. It will surely enthrall kids and will simultaneously let them know about this important extinct animal.

High Capacity Telescope: This will let you peak into our beautiful galaxies and solar system located millions of miles away from us.

Portable Planetarium: A small miniature planetarium where you can view stunning films and videos of our immensely galaxies and other important components of our massive universe.

Battery Vehicle Tour: This is another fine attraction where you get to tour the entire Science Park on a battery vehicle.

Fun Science Gallery: A state-of-the-art science gallery where one can view many astounding wonders of modern science. Models on optics, sound, electromagnetism, static electricity, electronics, mirrors, optical illusion, etc are installed here.

Regional Science Center

This 4000 sq mtrs Science Center located inside Science Park is pretty much the heart & soul of this park and hence deserves a special mention. If in any case the Science Park has left you tad disappointed, then visit to this state-of-the-art Regional Science Center will undo all that disappointment of yours. This science center is absolutely superb in every sense.

It is laced with three exhibition galleries, a temporary, an inflatable dome planetarium, science demonstration area, an air conditioned auditorium, 3D theater facility, and a library cum conference hall. Besides, don’t miss to visit the Dino ark, which is completely dedicated to the famous extinct animal ‘Dinosaur’. Equally worth visiting are galleries dedicated to astronomy and Biomedical.

Address and Location
Shastri Nagar, TB Hospital Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302016
Phone no: 0141-2304654
Timings: 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.
(Science Park is closed on Monday)

Entry Fees:
General: Rs. 20/- Student: Rs 10/- (on production of I.Card)
Student Group: Rs 10/- (Minimum 10 students required for group)
Please note there are additional charges for IT Gallery, Mini Planetarium and Battery Vehicle Tour.

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