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Police stations in Jaipur

Today Pink city of Jaipur needs efficient police service more than ever before. As city’s economic prominence is rising quite rapidly the critical issue of maintenance of law & order has assumed immense prominence during last few decades. The Jaipur police administration, needless to say, has setup many local police stations in Jaipur to ensure & maintain stable law & order situation across the city.

Below we’ve given contact information’s of all the important local police stations in Jaipur city. Besides, contact information’s of the all the important police administrators as well as helpline no’s of Jaipur police have also been mentioned.

Phone no’s & contact information’s of all the Police Stations in Jaipur

Adarsh Nagar Police station: (0141) 2610644.
Jawahar Nagar Police Station: (0141) 2577019.
Transport Nagar Police Station: (0141) 2577019.  
Bassi Police Station: 01429222336.
Kanota Police Station: 01429222336.
Khoh-Nagoriyan Police Station: 0142922336.
Gandhi Nagar Police Station: 2709534.
Lal Kothi Police Station: 2709534. 
Mahila Thana East Station: 911412703813/01412703813.
Moti Doongari Police Station: 2613663.
Bajaj Nagar Police Station: 01412705971.
Jawahar Circle Police Station: 01412546076.
Malviya Nagar Police Station: 01412523040
Pratap Nagar Police Station: 01412796088.
Sanganer Police Station: (0141) 2721677.      
Amer Police Station: (0141)2600110/(0141)2530810.
Jalupura Police Station: (0141)2367588.
Kotwali Jaipur Police station: (0141) 2321444.
Nahargarh Police Station: (0141) 2410100.
Sanjay Circle Police Station: (0141) 2378318.
Mahila Thana North Police Station: (0141) 2605660.
Manak Chowk Police Station: (0141) 2605577.
Subhash Chowk Police Station: (0141) 2605577.
Galtagate Police Station: (0141) 2660580.
Ramganj Police Station: (0141) 2660580.
Bhatta Basti Police Station: (0141) 2203750.
Shastri Nagar Police Station: (0141) 2304135.
Vidyadharnagar Police Station: (0141) 2203750.
Ashok Nagar Police Station: (0141) 2225650.
Jyoti Nagar Police Station: (0141) 2741844.
Vidhayak Puri Police Station: (0141)2562464.
Chaksu Police Station: (0141) 29243640.
Sanganer Sadar Police Station: (0141) 2771020.
Shivdaspura Police Station: (0141) 29277222.   
Mahila Thana South Police Station: (0141) 2399608.
Mansarovar Police Station: (0141) 2392224.
Muhana Police Station: (0141) 2739013.
Shipra Path Police Station: (0141) 2390770.

Contact information’s of all the important police administrators

Commissioner of Police (jaipur): (0141) 2362100.
Dy. Inspector General (addl. Cp-i): (0141) 2362102.
Dy. Inspector General (addl. Cp-ii): (0141) 2369925.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (dcp (hq): (0141) 2362081.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (dcp jaipur east): (0141) 2554980.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (dcp jaipur south): (0141) 2362266.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (dcp jaipur west): (0141) 2203400.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (dcp north) jaipur): (0141) 2202495.
Addl.sp/dcp (add. Dcp south): (0141) 2600110. 
Addl.sp/dcp (adcp east jaipur): (0141) 2707422.
Addl.sp/dcp (addl. Dcp (south): (0141) 2369755.  
Addl.sp/dcp (north-i jaipur): (0141) 2600110.
Addl.sp/dcp (north-ii jaipur): 01412201442.

Jaipur Police Station Help Line Numbers:

Women help line no: 1090.
Police Control Room: 100.
Women & Sr. Citizens: 1090.
Children: 1098.
Fire Brigade: 101.
Ambulance: 102.
Emergency Services: 108.
Help for SC/ST ( Toll Free): 18001806025
Jaipur Police Control Room Phone no’s
Police Control Room (Banswara): 02962241100.
Police Control Room (BARAN): 07453230383.
Police Control Room (Bundi): 07472443901.
Police Control Room (Chittorgarh): +911472240088.
Police Control Room (Churu): 01562252023.
Police Control Room (Dausa): (0141) 27230333.
Police Control Room (Dholpur): 05642220697.
Police Control Room (Dungarpur): 02964230344.
Police Control Room (GRP Ajmer): 01452429451

Jaipur Police works on the dictum of transparency in the system so as to check corruption at all levels and increase the credibility of Police. They are highly committed to maintain law and order, prevent crimes and to uphold the rule of law in the community.

Following is the list of Police Enquiry Numbers in Jaipur (PEN) according to the location of Police Posts in Jaipur. The list also contains contact numbers of major police stations across Jaipur

Civil Lines Police Station
Phone:  (0141) 2223097
Address:   Civil Lines, Sodala, Jaipur- 302006, Rajasthan

Jyoti Nagar Police Station
Phone:  (0141) 2741844
Address:   New Vidhan Sabha, Jyoti Nagar, Jaipur- 302005, Rajasthan

Manak Chowk Police Station
Phone:  (0141) 2601366
Address:   Badi Chaupadh, Civil Lines, Jaipur- 302013, Rajasthan

Adarsh Nagar Police Station
Phone:  (0141) 2615238, (0141) 2610644
Address:   Govind Marg, Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur- 302004, Rajasthan

Moti Doongari Police Station
Phone:  (0141) 2613663
Address:   Moti Doongari Road, Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur- 302004, Rajasthan

Vaishali Nagar Police Station
Phone:  (0141) 2352088
Address:   Vaishali Circle, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur- 302012, Rajasthan

Rajasthan Police Head Quarters
Phone:  (0141) 2606111
Address:   Police Head Office, Badi Chaupadh, Jaipur- 302002, Rajasthan

SMS Police Chowki
Phone:  (0141) 2563036
Address:   SMS Hospital Campus, Tonk Road, Jaipur- 302001, Rajasthan

Sanganer Police Station
Phone:  (0141) 2721677
Address:   Tonk Road, Sanagner, Jaipur- 302019, Rajasthan

Amer Road Police Station
Phone:  (0141) 2672315
Address:   Bhram Puri, Amer Road, Jaipur- 302002, Rajasthan

Bani Park Police Station
Phone:  (0141) 2202095
Address:   Station Road, Bani Park, Jaipur- 302006, Rajasthan

Ghat Gate Police Station
Phone:  (0141) 2612589
Address:   Ghat Darwaza, Ramganj, Jaipur- 302003, Rajasthan

Ram Nagar Police Station
Phone:  (0141) 2300875
Address:   Bhatta Basti, Sector-2, Ram Nagar, Jaipur- 302019, Rajasthan

Amrit Puri Police Station
Phone:  (0141) 2618574
Address:   Transport Nagar, Amrit Puri, Jaipur- 302004, Rajasthan

Galta Gate Police Station
Phone:  (0141) 2641067
Address:   Galta Gate, Agra Road, Jaipur- 302011, Rajasthan

Ram Nagar Police Station
Phone:  (0141) 2300875
Address:   Bhatta Basti, Sector-2, Ram Nagar, Jaipur- 302019, Rajasthan

Mansarovar Police Station
Phone:  (0141) 2392224
Address:   Varun Path, Mansarover, Jaipur- 302020, Rajasthan

Ajmeri Gate Police Station
Phone:  (0141) 2318159
Address:   Kishanpole Bazaar, Ajmeri Gate, Jaipur- 302001, Rajasthan

Important Numbers of Jaipur Police

Police Control Room     100
Traffic Police     1095
Women Helpline Jaipur & Sr. Citizens Helpline     1090
Child Helpline Number   1098
Emergency Services     108
Help for SC/ST ( Toll Free)     18001806025
Police Control Room (JAIPUR RURAL)    01412209741  
Police Control Room (JAIPUR CITY)    01412574457

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    Rakesh kumar from Jaipur 3 Days ago

    Respected sir As per information of ashok nagar thana jaipurFir not submitted by ashok nagar thana All the potters on Sir Prithviraj Road, fighting with rude, ice cream related nuisance and taking strong action to remove them from here Smoked by drinking hemp and quarreling here by drinking various kinds of drugs. When they refuse, they forcefully call the boys and beat them together, as my guard first sent them out.Deadly attack on the guard, which cut the guard's ear, after which Ashok went to the police station and lodged again, then by the policemen in Sons HospitalBut still the report has not been filed such a nuisance (Raja Soni, Sonu, Raja's brother Chhota and his accompanying boys quarrel again and again do not put up gate Sir, these people always threaten to kill me, I have been alone in the night, I have done a lot of damage in the night.Sir, in front of the banned road and Jaipur industrialists, in front of the incomtex office, the mangroves, from the Prime Hotel to the Statue Circle.Sir, request you to take strong action on these people and people of Ashok Nagar police station should file a report.Thanks & regardsMr. Rakesh kumarFor jaipur udyog co Ltd Jaipur96806 64246

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    Prashant from Sikar 159 Days ago

    Complant Tha blue hewan thai spa mansrovar jaipur Isme ulte side kaam hote h please jald se jald ispe karvahi kare

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    Prashant saini from SIKAR 159 Days ago

    Tha blue hewan thai spa mansrowar jaipur me bahut ulte side kaam ho rahy h agar aap ne abi kuch nhi kiya to vo ab or khule kaam ganda kaam kre gy

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    Dinesh Kumar from Hyderabad 403 Days ago

    Hyderabad se Rajasthan police control room ka 100Nani lagta kyo kya reasons hPlz help me

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    Dinesh Kumar from Hyderabad 403 Days ago

    Out of state se koi emergency call kare Rajasthan police control room ka fone nahi lagta sir emergency kya kare

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    Manoj kumar from Jaipur 530 Days ago

    Koi nahi suntaPolice wale ghambhir matter ko bhi Pariwad me dal dete hai

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    Ravi from Jaipur 535 Days ago

    Muhana thana se ek kilometer duri par 2_3 gadi chori ki kai vardat ho chuki he thane ki tharp se koi dhan nahi he sabhi dahshat me rahte he

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    Manoj kumar bhargav from Jaipur 574 Days ago


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    Narender Singh from Narnaul( MAHARANA Partap Nagar) Haryana 793 Days ago

    महोदय खेद के साथ लिखना व कहना पड़ रहा है कि आपकी पुलिस दोषियान को शरण देने व उनकी मदद करने वाले व्यक्ति विशेष का बचाव करती नजर आती है। घटना का विवरण FIR no:0142,dated25/6/18,P.S. Delhi CANTT के मामले में दिल्ली पुलिस के आई. ओ. बीकानेर एक सप्ताह तक दोषियान के छिपने व शरण देने वाले लोगों का पुरा विवरण मो. नं., पत्ता लेकर पहुचती है तो बीकानेर पुलिस ने शरण देने वाले व्यक्तियों को थाने बुलवाकर खानापुर्ति कर जाने दिया जिसका परिणाम ये रहा कि शरण देने वाले लोगों द्वारा 26/6/18 को सायं के समय निकाह नामा दिल्ली किसी वकील के हाथ भिजवाना व निकाह नामा लिखने वाला काजी, दोनों गवाह व शरण देने वाले सभी अपने घरों से लापता होने मे सफल रहे। दिल्ली पुलिस की लगातार दबदिस देने की वजह से दोषियान 9/7/18 को बीकानेर से जयपुर जल महल के आस पास मुस्लिम बाहुलय क्षेत्र में पहुंचने में कामयाब रहे हैं जो कल तक इसी क्षेत्र में थे। आज की लोकेशन दिल्ली पुलिस के सम्बन्धित थाना के आई ओ को पता है। महोदय महत्वपूर्ण विषय ये है कि लड़की बालिग व हिन्दू धर्म से है और लड़का मुस्लिम धर्म से है और क्राइम रिकार्ड रखने वाला करीब चालीस की उम्र का है जिससे यह तो तय है कि लड़की को प्रेम जाल में फंसाकर दिल्ली से राजस्थान में मुस्लिम क्षेत्र में कभी किधर कभी किधर अंडर ग्रांउड कर रखा हुआ है। महोदय अब तो राजधानी क्षेत्र जयपुर में युवती व लड़के का व उसके अन्य गिरोह के सदस्यों का होना पाया जाए और फिर भी पकड़ में न आना आमजन मानस के लिए सोचनीय् व चिन्तनीय विषय है। क्योंकि यह मामला प्रायोजित व सुनियोजित तरीके से कार्यान्वित किया गया अपहरण का मामला है और लड़की को छिपाने व गायब करने का प्रयास किया गया है और बीकानेर पुलिस की गिरफ्त में आए लोगों को थाने बुलवाकर खानापुर्ति के नाम पर पूछताछ कर छोड़ देना और अब जयपुर में युवती सहित गायब होना आपकी राजस्थान पुलिस पर सवालिया निशान लगाता है। महोदय आशा है कि इस फ़रियाद पर उच्च अधिकारी गण का सकारात्मक और सहयोगतामक नजरिया देखने में मिलेगा। सधन्यवाद।

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    Imrankhanfrom Jaipur 299 Days ago

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    Nainmal jasrupchandji jain from Morseem dist jalore 845 Days ago

    Www@4700 nainmal

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    rajendra meena from jaipur 957 Days ago

    please help me......... ek ladki mujhe blackmail kar rhi hai money ke liye mujhe samajh nhi aa rha mujhe kya karna chahiye .....kyo kii unka kaafi bda network hai aur unki ek poori gang hai ....unke contacts bhi kaafi bde leval par hai kya karu kuch samajh nhi aa rha hai.......please help

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    j Expertfrom 956 Days ago

    Report the matter to nearest police station in your area.

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    Vikas Yadav from Jaipur roler 979 Days ago

    aaye din naber parsan krta ha

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    Muhd Armanfrom M.Z.N 972 Days ago


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    Mangi lal kumawat from Jaipur 1036 Days ago

    Vv most in help line. Par police constable any no help

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  • s
    savita devi from udaipur 1787 Days ago

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    Anupriya from Udaipur 2068 Days ago

    a very helpful information thanks for the article

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