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Museums in Jaipur

Museums are places which surely knock our inner mind with certain awe, blended with admirations.  From here we gather oodles of knowledge about the era bygone. Jaipur is the place to be, if you are stung by those old world charm fetish.  One does not need to specifically take a magnifying glass to locate a museum at one of those far-flung city areas but you can drool over the great museums in Jaipur and have a classic time be it with those unique seashells at Alice Garg National sea shell museum or be it at the museum of hand printing with riots of colours at anokhi museum of hand printing.

Your one stop trip to those beautiful chambers of ethnic galore with a pinch of old ancient charm encased in Royal splendour and majesty.

Welcome to the world of museums in Jaipur. Here are a few where you can have a glance of some royal and antic things.

Museums in Jaipur

MP Birla Planetarium in Jaipur: The beginning of your cosmic adventure

The MP Birla planetarium Jaipur depicts a glorious chapter in the educational and scientific research institution and carves a picture of high esteem. It is one of its kinds and located in Jaipur.

The MP Birla planetarium Jaipur has become one of the most aspiring havens for scientific and astronomical research. With regular sky shows, stellar depictions, heavenly constellations grandeur and illustrious depiction of astronomical objects and infinite objectification of different cosmic objects it has become one of the most popular station for tourists. BM Birla planetarium also organizes free astronomy study sessions in the evening for students who have special inclination for these subjects.

Sanjay Sharma Museum Jaipur: Unwinding Your Senses

Sanjay Sharma Museum Jaipur can hold your eyes for a long time with multifarious fanciful ancient delights right from manuscripts to book stands, historic games to painting and artifacts. Located in Jaipur it is quite close to Johri Bazaar. The multiple things which one can club while visiting Jaipur is unique as the city is so full of wonderful tourist attractions.

While visiting Sanjay Sharma Museum Jaipur you can also make a list of other nearby places which are worth wandering around if you have that travel frenzy attitude. So some of the nearby tourist attractions which you can visits prior to Sanjay Sharma Museum Jaipur are given below :

If you have those shopping list on your top chart while visiting the colourful lanes of Jaipur which is quite an obvious choice, you can have the delight of shopping those colourful Rajasthan brands from GDA market which is just 3 Km away from sanjay Sharma museum Jaipur.

There are forts and monuments which are nearby Sanjay Sharma museum so there can be double delights in a day and once you have all the beautiful visions of artifacts, culture and tradition from Sanjay Sharma museum Jaipur, you can have a stay at all equipped hotels nearby.

Museum of Indology Jaipur- A perfect reflection of the essence of Jaipur

The extraordinary attire which the museum embrace is really praises worthy with lots of old world charm which is almost lost in the high tech cities today. Museum of Indology Jaipur boasts of a unique collection of folk art antiques and objects which are worth a glance.

The Museum of Indology Jaipur, SRC Museum is a must to visit place for those entire tourist fraternity who visit Jaipur for its real essence.

This museum is located at Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg. It is quite easy to visit this place by an auto or a rickshaw. Buses also ply around and one can easily take a bus ride.

What to look out for at Museum of Indology Jaipur:

Great work of artistic skills; paintings which adorn the museum needs a special mention as the paintings are mainly based on a very central topic which is “Serpent logy”. There are more than 1000paintings which are exhibited here on the specific subject.

Manuscripts - The SRC Museum of Indology Jaipur has a bountiful collection of manuscripsts. Around 15,000 manuscripts show the vividness and the variety of the place. Sculptures; well carved sculptures are a must to have a glimpse at SRC museum of Indology Jaipur.

Museums in Jaipur

Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing Jaipur - Tradition stored in Prints

Anokhi is word in Hindi which means unique and museum is surely a place which has uniqueness and Anokhi museum of hand printing as the name suggest has that special touch which gives it the name. Anokhi museum of hand printing is a museum which is mainly a textile museum. Ancient and old craft tradition of hand block printing has been very distinctively preserved in this museum.

An old building which has a history of 400 years and had been restored by UNESCO seems to be the abode of this museum. It sound quite interesting as the very charm also includes its artistic look which renders a pinch of tradition blended with art and old world charm. There are educational programmes which show the different methods by which these block printings are done. Block printing is an ancient art which has been practiced throughout India since long time; the way the art has been preserved and is being encouraged really needs applause.

Fabrics which are hand-stamped with the loveliest of colours which represent India or Rajasthan can be found here, apart from the wood carved patterns which are bound to catch your eyes. It’s after 40 years of origin Anokhi museum of hand printing is doing a great job in fashion industry with authentic designs typically Indian.

There are a lot of hotels for your stay while you visits Anokhi museum of hand printing.

Alice Garg National Seashells Museum: Dive into the underworld fiesta

Alice Garg National Seashell Museum is a museum with a difference. The reason why this Museum was created was the sea shells which they had collected from various places were plenty in number and it was quite an arduous task to store it at home. There are shells ranging from 5kg to 150 kg in weight. The huge collection needed a proper place to be kept and stored. Here are about 3,000 seashells which have been stored very efficiently here. Alice Garg National Museum has some unique variety of shells which have originated from Mollusks, which have a soft body but covered with a hard shell; this is made by their own secretion.

Shell craft of rare variety collected from all over the world are exquisitely placed in this museum. Apart from the sensual pleasures which it renders the museum also plays a great platform for encouraging people who have knack for learning the skills of conch logy and malacology. It is basically the science of shells and molluscs.

Alice Garg national seashell museum is one of the museums in Jaipur which is helping a lot of research work based on environment

Maharaja’s Museum of Jaipur - A royal treat

The museum is one of the most upper crust and noble museum which talks about the patrician life style of Indian blue blood heritage with all the grandeur piled up together artistically to magnetize tourists.

Build in 18th century; it was built in typically Rajasthan palace convention and architecture. Also called as the city palace. It has Mubarak Mahal and Chandra Mahal. It was one of the main centres from where Maharaja of Jaipur used to operate. The palace is a place which has an array of garden, building and many other attractive locales which is indeed flaunts the rich architecture and aesthetical appeal of the royal families.

Maharaja’s museum which is located in the city palace is in the central north-east part of Jaipur .It has been constructed in grid pattern style. The maharajas museum Jaipur is gives you a feel of a royal grandeur tour which lifts you from this mundane world to the world of kings and queens, the pomp and majestic life style reflects in each and every wall, the decors, the infinite objects lying there. There is arrangement of special tours which is taken care by Royal grandeur tours.

Tourists can have a great tour through this and it includes;
Chhavi niwas
Mukut mandir
Sukh niwas
Chandra mahal
Sobha niwas

Visitors are allowed to rake entry tickets prior their entry to the Maharaja’s museum of Jaipur.Through these entry tickets, one can visits the 4 courtyards of palace. Just have your time a bit planned because Jaipur is a city which gives you less time but keep your feet all in its pace. Albert Hall Museum can covered if you think you have some time left with you after this or a visit to the seesh mahal constructed by Raja jai Singh is a great work made with Belgium glass.

Art Cottage Museum Jaipur- Artistic treasure

The very essence of this museum is artistry the museum shows some wonderful artifact items which are preserved quite well. Located at Sawai Ram Singh Road. Among them Jawahar Kala Kendra is a great option. A great abode of Artists where classical and folk art blend efficiently.

Government Central Museum Jaipur- A museum to visit

Also known as Albert Hall museum as it was named after King Edward VII, it is quite a popular museum of international repute.Oldest museum of the state of Rajasthan.Located at Ram News Garden depicts a great picture of Indo - Saracenic architecture. It has wonderful pieces of art delights, to masterpieces of paintings, sculpture and ivory studded works.

There are a few places which can be visited nearby. After this grand tour at the Albert Hall museum you can head on to some famous Bazaars and malls to colour you wide imaginations with truely authentic Rajasthan colours.

Hawa Mahal Museum Jaipur - Majesty embodied

Palace of winds as popularly known, this is one of the most popular museums of Jaipur; this five-storied palace is an embodiment of architectural bliss and was constructed by Maharana Sawai Jai Singh. Made with Pink and red sand stone this palace was built for the women folks to provide them a clear view of the outside world through this window.

This great monument which resembles Shri Krishna’s crown also has a museum known as Hawa Mahal Museum. It is san archaeological museum with many ancient and precious sights of historic area preserved very efficiently. The other attractions which would catch your eyes near Hawa Mahal are Jantar Mantar, Amer Fort, Ram Niwas Bagh, Jain temple, BM Birla planetarium and Govind Devi temple.

Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Ji Museum Jaipur

A museum which speaks of Royalties with grand souse architecture, unique collection of artefacts and antics. Also a place where the Royal family residence at present. It was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai singh.Also knows as the city palace and a major portion of this palace is now used as Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Ji Museum.

Department of Archaeology &Museums

The Department of Archaeology &museums has its origin way back in 1950.From the time onwards this museum is putting its entire endeavor to retain, preserve and exhibit the cultural heritage which have been epitomized in different forms of architectural and artistically crafted antics. It has 17 museums, 4 proposed museums 47 archaeological sites.

There are at present monuments of which the great temple architectures, artistically designed mosques, splendid forts, havelis and palaces need a special mention. You can contact here prior to your visit. Museums in Jaipur are many and it’s the ultimate haven for all the preserved treasures of India which makes India so culturally rich.

There are various hotels where you can put your stay and are near by to these museums:

Polo Victory Palace
Address - Near Polo Victory Cinema, Station Road, Jaipur
Phone: 0141 2369101
Promises a luxurious stay with air-conditioned guestrooms specifically made for guests. High speed wifi connection. Direct Dial phones and ready availability of tea and coffee makers.

Hotel Mansingh
Address - Sansar Chandra Road, Jaipur
Phone: +91 92222 72222
Great rooms, located 1km away from Jaipur Railway Station.There is swimming pool facility with flat screen T.V. There is also special fitness centre for those health freaks.

The Raj Palace
Address - Amer Road, Jaipur
Rajasthan -302 002
Phone: 0141 263 4077
The ultimate cosy place to indulge in a holiday spree with alluring interiors which definitely is a treat to the visitors. Crystal chandeliers which attracts your eyes and double height ceiling which gives a look of richness. Rooms are quite spacious with warmth and cosiness.

Royal Orchid
Address - Opposite BSNL office, Tonk Road
Near Durgapura Flyover, Durgapura
Jaipur - 302018
Phone: +91 141 3091919
A hotel which is tourist friendly with its hospitality and warmth. Free Wi-Fi facilities. It also includes Breakfast facilities. Equipped with modern amenities, it is quite a great place for visitors from India and abroad. Reasonable rates for rooms also attract more tourists.

Krishna Palace
Addres - E-26 Durga Marg, Bani Park,Jaipur
Phone: 01412201395
It has features quite alike to palace. Aesthetically rich, this hotel is quite popular among tourists. It also has free pick up service from Jaipur Railway station which is an added advantage. Rooms are quite elaborately decorated.

Visiting all these museums can be tiresome, so here are some good restaurants near by:
Spice court
Address - Achrol House, Jacob Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur
Phone: 0141-2220202
Quite a peaceful place to have your meals. There is puppet shows .Indian and Continental food is served with perfection. The sitting arrangements are quite visitor friendly.

Raj Palace
Address - Amer Road, Jaipur
Phone: 01412634077
It is one of the restaurants which serve food with authentic flavour and taste. Indian cuisines have North Indian, South Indian and Rajasthan specialties with natural spice which gives a unique touch to the food prepared here. A must visit for the tourists.

Chokhi Dhani
Address- 12 Miles, Tonk Road, Via Vatika, Jaipur
Phone: 0141516500
Chokhi Dhani is the place to be when you are in the Pink city. A place which is wrapped in Rajasthani colours as the very name suggests. Rajasthani specialties are served with extreme care and perfection, one feels the rustic touch wrapped with warmth and love which is a commonplace thing in India. A true spirit of India is represented in this restaurant.

Inox Space
Address - City Plaza Mall
Opposite Subash Nagar Shopping Centre
Bani Park, Jaipur-302008
Phone: 0141-2282527
A great place to watch latest movie with highly modernized digital sound system with Dolby stereos.  Seats are quite comfortable. Online booking counters are quite customer friendly.

Polo Victory Theatre
Address-Station Road
Opposite Kanji
Hotel Sindhi Camp
Jaipur RJ -302006
Phone: 0141 2372658
Located in the Pink city, this movie hall gives you both comfort and pleasure. There are 3 timing. Online booking counters are there.

Raj Mandir Cinema
Address - B-16, Panch
Batti, Bhagwan Das Road, Jaipur
Phone: 0141 237 4694
Has been entertaining people since years. A place where you can relax with your friends and family. Show timings are quite apt for the entire family to watch the hits. Tickets can be collected either directly from the counter or online.

If feel like shopping, you can choose these hotspots as well:

Gaurav Tower
Address - Plot No 1&2, Sector-4
Siddhartha Nagar
Malviya Nagar
Jaipur, Rajasthan -302017
Phone: 0141-2554334
A place to shop till you drop. A galore of Brands welcomes you once you enter the Tower. Be it Rajasthani Duppatta’s or International Brands, you can spend your bucks with all joy and the shopping experience guarantees you good products of high quality.

Pink Square
Address: Govind Marg, Saket
Adarsh Nagar
Phone: 0141-5119545
A place where you can buy ethnic stuffs and also can have a look at Brand outlets. Be it Gents, Ladies or Kids, you have a variety of outfits which embodies both traditional and cosmo style.

World Trade Park
Address: Mahesh Marg
D-Block Malviya Nagar, Jaipur
Phone: 0141 2723775

In case of emergencies:

Ambulance service
Jyotiba Hospital
Address - Sansar Chandra Road, Near Mansingh Hotel
Phone: 0141 2376902
This Hospital has its own ambulance service and it is 24 hrs.

Red Cross Hospital
Address: Sanganeri Gate, Vishwakarma Industrial Area
Phone: 0141-2608716
The Ambulance service is 24hrs and can be booked online. The service can be also arranged through phone and has a quick service with all the apparatus needed.

Babylonian Children Hospital
Adress: 311, Micro light Marg, Bis Dukhan, Adarsh Nagar
Raja Park, Jaipur
Phone: 9414075614

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