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Jaipur City Palace

What Gateway of India is to Mumbai or India Gate is to Delhi, City Palace is to Jaipur. To put it in other words, City Palace is unarguably the most famous tourist attraction in entire Jaipur city.Not visiting the iconic Jaipur City Palace during Jaipur vacation/holiday is like not witnessing the very heart & soul of the Pink city. It’s architectural royal grandeur, its pristine beauty, and in fact everything that makes this humongous palace will literally leave you gasping for breadth. And more than anything else, you’ll eventually come to know why on earth this Iconic City Palace is the finest of all tourist attractions in Jaipur city.

Constructed in 18th century by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the then ruler of Amber, Jaipur City Palace is actually a sprawling complex dotted with several palaces, pavilions, gardens and even temples.But more importantly, City Palace was and even today continues to be the personal residence of Jaipur’s most important royal family. The current royal family belonging to lineage of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II decided to keep this royal palace open for public solely to give Jaipur people a sense of belonging to city’s proud royal era.

City Palace Jaipur

History of City Palace

City Palace’s prominence, however, goes beyond being a mere symbol of city’s erstwhile royal era. It, in fact, symbolizes the very history of Jaipur city. When Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II laid the foundation of City Palace in year 1729, it marked the beginning of modern Jaipur city as we know it today. And therefore, visiting this palace isn’t just like cursorily glancing into city’s royal era, but going back into the very roots of the modern Jaipur city.

Architecture of City Palace

And now coming to the most important thing, the architectural features of the City Palace. To begin with, City Palace is absolutely huge. Huge enough to make you feel that you’ve entered inside a very different world all together, a world where everything is pristine & perfectly royal. At the heart of this royal world are several small palaces, the most prominent among all is Mubarak Mahal & Chandar Mahal. Mubarak Mahal is in fact the first palace complex that you’ll come across once you’re inside the City Palace. It is also the only palace complex that tourist can visit and experience without any restrictions whatsoever. In other words, it is the most tourist friendly destination in entire City Palace arena.

This is mainly because it houses a museum, known as Costume gallery or City Palace museum, which has completely been thrown open to tourists. This museum stores all the important dress/costume collections that were once wore by Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II. All the costumes are royally beautiful to say the least and are really worth experiencing. However, Mubarak Mahal is no less charming either and its rich architecture design will absolutely behold your attention.

City Palace Jaipur

Attractions at City Palace

The next major attraction in City Palace arena is Diwan-e-Khas Hall. As it has a bearing of a Mughal name and so does the architecture. It brings together the architecture style of Mughals and Rajputs in a pretty remarkable way and its remarkable beauty is suffice enough to behold your senses.This is the hall were private audiences and guests of Maharajas assembled and without exaggerating this hall exudes the royal aura of bygone era even to this day. Today there is a small art gallery inside this historical hall which stores pretty worthy artifacts from the royal time. But what you must not miss in this art gallery are two large silver vessels.

The special thing about these two large sliver vessels is that they are considered to be the largest sliver vessels in the entire world. These two artifacts are undoubtedly amongst principal attractions of the City Palace. And now coming to the main attraction of this iconic palace: Chandra Mahal. This seven store majestic palace is where the current royal family resides.The exterior panoramic view of this seven storey palace is astounding and breathtaking to say the least. However, the only regrettable thing is that tourists and visitors are allowed to visit only the ground floor of this palace. But without a doubt the panoramic exterior view of this palace will make up for all your regret. 

Lastly & importantly, City palace is also home to one of the most visited temples of India: Govind Dev Ji Temple, which makes this place even more special among the locals of Jaipur as well as Rajasthan. All in all, City Palace in Jaipur will be experience that will behold your memories for years to come. It is huge, beautiful and more importantly a place that is steeped in so much royal history that its aura & magic is felt even to this day.

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