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Padharo Marah Desh Ma: Jaipur, Heart of Artisan Industry

Rajasthan is a place of tradition and its ethnic beauty which is imbibed by distinctive culture. The beautiful contrast of blue and pink which unravels two very beautiful cities Jodhpur and Jaipur are in Rajasthan. A place where artisans make everything alive with their craft, passion and creativity. The capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is known for its magnificent art and artisan industry.

The pink bathed Jaipur is city of joy. Everything is like it hasn’t stopped moving for years and the beauty of handmade creation is still alive. The traditional painted wooden craft and blue pottery is the most beautiful and vivid artisan culture in Jaipur.
Jaipur Artisan Industry

Calm Blue in Pink City

Blue pottery of Jaipur has a soothing approach as it adds a sense of calm and composer to the hot city in Indian deserts. With its origin lying in Indo-Persian tradition, it has become a unique artistic creation in heritage of India. The name is ‘blue pottery’ as obvious, as potteries are dyed in blue colour. Another unique feature which is very distinctive is that it not made of clay. It uses a mixture of quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Multani Mitti, borax, gum and water and burned in low fire.

This technique isn’t Indian; however, it succeeded in toning down the creativity into artisans here. It was imported from Mongol artisans of China. This traveled south to India by Muslim rulers. It was also used to build floors and walls of historical and religious monuments. Jaipur king who was great lover of art sent artisan s to Kashmir to learn this art. Since then, the blue pottery has owned Jaipur and Jaipur have owned this artery.

Colour Dipped Furniture

Jaipur has created the aura of idiosyncrasy by its craft of painted wooden furniture which is used in almost every house. They spice up the house in which you live, with the love theses artisan puts in unraveling the beautiful art on your furniture. This well painted furniture is made by Arabica, mango and rose woods. They are furnished beautifully with the coating of varnish.

They are ethnic, graceful and bright to light up the house with positivity. Decorative wall piece are very finely painted and borders are separately highlighted with carved painting of Hindu God and Goddesses. The range of product are low chairs with comfortable seats, stools, trunks, wine racks, cabinets, cupboards, doors, paneled screens and decorative windows and doors. There is a fine blend of ancient Indian culture and historical Mughal tradition.

Marble Painting- An Exotic Creation

Marble Painting is one of the ancient artistic techniques and not so surprisingly, marble for Taj Mahal was transported from Rajasthan. They are highly decorative, precise, and full of colours and have a utilitarian value.

Not to doubt when, Rajasthan says “Padharo Marah Desh Ma” as it is a whole new world in itself with highly creative and vividly beautiful culture and handmade creation by local artisans. A beautiful blend of different cultures of Mughals, Indo-Persian and Mongolian make Jaipur, truly a city of artisan industry.

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