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Govind Dev Ji Temple

Today India’ proud spiritual heritage is symbolized by countless beautiful and sacred temples spread across in many parts of our country.  One such beautiful and immensely sacred temple is Govind Dev Ji Temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna & located inside iconic City Palace of Jaipur.

Residing in the very heart of Jaipur, Govind Dev Ji Temple’s legendary status and aura stretches beyond the boundaries of Jaipur city. In fact, such is the aura of this temple that it is amongst highest visited temples of India, drawing thousands of Lord Krishna devotees from every nook and corner of India. And even though there are many prominent temples in Jaipur, but only few & probably none can bring together remarkable blend of history, spirituality and architectural beauty like Govind Dev Ji Temple does.

History of Govind Dev Ji Temple

In fact for people of Jaipur, this sacred temple indeed symbolizes the proud history of their beloved city. After all, this beautiful temple was constructed in mid 18th century by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh II, the man who is considered as founder and architect of Jaipur city. Construction of this temple actually marked the beginning of modern Jaipur city as we know it today. And it is this intimate relation that this temple shares with Jaipur’s glorious history that has made it so legendary and famous amongst people of Jaipur.

However, going beyond this temple’s historical prominence, it is actually more prominent for its religious sacredness. For adherent devotees of Lord Krishna, Govind Dev Ji Temple in Jaipur is one the most unique and beloved residence of Lord Krishna. The uniqueness lies in the idol deity of Lord Krishna, which obviously is located inside the temple. Lord Krishna devotees supremely believe that this deity exactly resembles the looks of Lord Krishna when he had incarnated on planet earth thousands of years ago. This deity was brought to Jaipur city by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh II himself from ‘Vrindavan’ in Uttar Pradesh, which is another beloved spiritual residence of Lord Krishna. It is indeed the aura of this holy & divine Lord Krishna deity that draws millions of devotees not just from Jaipur city, but even from extreme corners of India.

Architecture of Govind Dev Ji Temple

And spiritual solace of this temple is further exemplified by its sheer architectural beauty and grandeur. Spread across humongous 15,827 sq. feet, it can accommodate at least 5000 devotees at any given time and amongst its many prominent architectural features include gold plated temple ceiling and beautiful European chandeliers inside the temple. This temple’s true architectural beauty and even spiritual fervor, however, comes on its own on Janmashtami day, a festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna. On this day the temple is beautified with lighting & many other beautiful ornamental and of course temple itself is overwhelmed by millions of devotees.

And lastly & importantly, Govind Dev Ji Temple’s location in the iconic City Palace invariably lends devotees a rare opportunity of getting a glance into royal life of erstwhile Maharaja of Jaipur ‘Sawai Pratap Singh II’. After all, City Palace was his residential headquarter when he was ruling Jaipur city. The City Palace also houses very famous Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal, which equally draws huge number of local and foreign tourists on every day basis.

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