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Gardens in Jaipur

The Indian Royal kings love for gardens is well entrenched in the accounts of Indian history. And nowhere is this history best experienced than in Jaipur city. For Jaipur was once fiefdom of Rajputs and Mughals, who in their lifetimes built some of the most astoundingly beautiful gardens of India in this very city. Even today, after almost two centuries, that royal aura of bygone years hasn’t diminished from these beautiful gardens in Jaipur. If anything this royal aura is the very soul of these beautiful gardens of Jaipur and unsurprisingly its magical effect is felt even to this day.

Here is a brief description of all the famous royally beautiful gardens of Jaipur, which, needless to say, today have become hottest tourist destinations of Jaipur city.

Vidyadhar Garden

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Vidyadhar Garden is where royal history of Jaipur mingles with tranquility of nature in the most remarkable way. It brings forth historical amicable love between Rajput and Mughal by fusing together the Mughali style garden with Rajput architectural buildings overlooking it. In other words this garden is an ultimate symbol of Rajputs and Mughal’s bonhomie during India’s medieval history. And about how beautiful this garden is, it will simply dazzle you to say the least. In fact this garden’s overwhelmingly lush green field gives a feeling that Mother Nature has made a small home here. This garden’s inherent scenic beauty is further exemplified by well maintained fountains, flowerbeds, stunning pavilion structures and scenically beautiful trees.
Lastly, regarding the name of this garden, it has been named after 17th century’s genius architecture Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, the man who is credited for planning modern city of Jaipur. So, visiting this majestic garden is also like paying a humble tribute to a man who has gifted us one of the most wonder full cities of India.

Ram Niwas Garden

Although this garden may have lost its yesteryear glory, but nevertheless a visit to this garden is still worth it for its deep association with history and more importantly for all the recreation facilities that are located very near it. Yes, in case if this garden built by legendary king Sawai Raja Pratap Singh does come across as a pale shadow of its glorious past, then you can visit the very famous Albert museum & even zoological garden located in the vicinity of this very garden.

In fact Albert museum’s dominating & vintage architectural building overlooking this garden makes for a pretty interesting view. As for the garden itself, it is not that well maintained and even local people of Jaipur have lost all the fondness for it. Nonetheless, the famous Albert museum, zoological park and also a local theater pretty much makes up for a garden that was otherwise very beautiful in its hey days.

Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh

If Taj Mahal in Agra stands for Emperor Shah Jahan’s eternal love for his wife Mumtaz, then Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh in Jaipur symbolizes Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh’s everlasting love for his queen Sisodia. In fact this beautiful garden is replete with feeling of love that literally oozes through its lush greenery, multi-level gardens and Rajputana style pavilions. But if there is any one place in this huge garden that actually exemplifies its essence of love then it’s the ‘main palace’, which actually overlooks this beautiful garden.

The palace wall’s are laden with mural painting that depict eternal love of Lord Krishna and Radha, which in a way symbolizes the undying love of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh and queen Sisodia. This garden is indeed where love and nature creates majestic romance. And it is this making of unlikely love affair that makes this place so worth visiting. However, people do argue that this place could have been better maintained, but still this can’t be an excuse for not visiting this beautiful garden.                   

And in case, if you still need a stronger excuse to visit this beautiful temple, then here it is. Its strategic location at Jaipur Agra highway lends you opportunity to visit other landmark places like Galtaji temple and Vidyadhar Garden.

Kanak Vrindavan Garden

Gardens in Jaipur

‘Splendidly beautiful’ is the most apt adjective to describe Kanak Vrindavan Garden in Jaipur. After all, it is unarguably the most beautiful garden of Jaipur city. And what’s even better, this enchantingly beautiful temple is located in the very heart of Jaipur - merely 8 km north of the Jaipur. However, this temple is so beautiful that had it been located in the outskirts of the city it would have still attracted huge number of tourists.
Although it bears all the characteristics of a typical Jaipur garden, i.e. Mughal style garden, Rajput architectural style pavilions, lush greenery, ripples of the cascading waterfalls and well maintained fountains. But despite all these resemblance it has still made a place of its own amongst all other gardens. What makes it actually standout is the fact that it is the most well maintained garden of Jaipur city, which is purely why unlike other temples its beauty hasn’t diminished and is probably as beautiful as it was two centuries back. And this is also exactly why many prominent Bollywood films have been shot here. This garden is an absolute must visit. It will surely make your day.

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