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Galtaji Jaipur

Galtaji Temple in Jaipur
People taking dip at the Galta Kund

Galtaji temple in Jaipur is one of the holiest shrines for people of Jaipur. It is actually a complex that houses 3 temples inside it, a temple dedicated to Sun god, a Hanuman temple and a Balaji temple. This complex with its three & many other small temples is today one of the popular spiritual addresses of Jaipur city. However, more than its religious sacredness, it is other unique features of Galtaji temple that today deservedly makes it one of the prominent landmark places of Jaipur city.
The first unique thing about this temple that will immediately strike you is its unconventional look. As its mansion or haveli like look will completely baffle you and may even make you presume that you’re not heading inside a temple but a majestic mansion. Its majestic mansion like look is characterized or brought forth by beautiful rounded roofs and pillars which are completely covered with pink sandstone. And another prominent striking feature of this temple lies in its interiors. It is 7 kunds or water tanks that actually doesn’t merely constitute as U.S.P, but are the very heart & soul of this temple.

As these 7 kunds are believed to have some kind of divinity which helps them never ever go dry. In fact these kunds are such important part of Galtaji temple complex that devotees from far across Rajasthan come here only to take a dip inside the holy water of these kunds. But, the most prominent and holiest amongst these 7 kunds is Galta Kund. For reverent devotees this kund is imbedded with special divine power that helps them to wash away all their sins and eventually free them from cycle of birth and death. The most auspicious time to bathe in this kund is considered to be on Makar Sankranti festival, when water of this kund is believed to be more potent to wash away all human sins.

Another important thing about this temple is that you’ll find lot of monkeys here. In fact this temple is sometimes referred as monkey temple. They aren’t actually U.S.P of this temple, but a major irritant. As most devotees and visitors are frightened by them. However, such minor distractions can’t and  shouldn’t stop you from relishing the sheer grandeur and architectural beauty of Galtaji temple complex. After seeking all the blessings from all the temples located here, you can simply scout through the vast complex that is dotted with many historical structures whose interiors are laden with beautiful cravings and paintings. A visit in the interior of these historical structures will indeed bring you closer to the yeast year royal life of Jaipur city.

Finally & very importantly, visiting this temple complex will also give you golden opportunity to visit other attractions of Jaipur. Amongst them is the famous Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh, a royal garden built by the legendary king Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh and is absolutely beautiful to say the least.

History of Galtaji Temple

A complex so huge and dotted with so many sacred temples & historical structures surely deserves a very rich history. And deservedly so Galtaji temple’s history is quite rich enough. Although this temple complex was built in 18th century by Diwan Rao Kriparam (one of the secretariat of legendry king Sawai Jai Singh II), its genesis though was laid by famous Saint Galav thousand years back. It is firmly believed that famous Saint Galav meditated at this very place and had achieved liberation or mukti. Impressed by his spiritual endeavor god himself appeared in front of him and blessed his place of worship with abundant water. And it is believed that this very god gifted water has made all the 7 kunds here so holy and divine. Finally in the 18th century Galtaji temple complex was built to honor Saint Galav’s spiritual achievement at this very place.

Location & address
The temple is located 20km from main Jaipur city, on Jaipur-Agra Highway, near famous Sisodia Rani ka Bagh.

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