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Fairs in Jaipur

Jaipur, the magnificent land of Indian royalty has hundred of things in relation with tourist recreation. Fairs and festivals in the city is just the right thing, you'd need as a tourist. These fairs presents not just a traditional outlook but a showcases the modernity in the society as well. Let's find out the various fairs Jaipur has to offer.

Book Fair in Jaipur

Book Fair in Jaipur
Book lovers browsing through books at the fair

There is no friend as loyal as a book. This old adage stands true since ages. For all the avid literature lovers books are above all material things. In the royal and regal city of Jaipur readers are always in a hunt for some creative marvels. Their biggest extravaganza is the Jaipur Literary Festival which is one of its kind and is the biggest in Asia Pacific. For writers across the globe it is an annual pilgrimage. People from different backgrounds, countries and perspective join hands and some creative exchange of ideas takes place. It is open for the house so the footfalls are rising with each passing year. Apart from this platform there are many other events lined up for the people throughout the year. The literary calendar always remains packed.

Another event is the fair organized by national book trust, it also showcases books from different spheres of life covering various aspects. In this festival special days are allotted to young budding aspirants, which mean few days are reserved exclusively for children to inculcate the habit of reading in them from a tender age.  The national book trust is a prime organization which is involved in conducting book fairs across all the leading cities of our country.

Autonomous organizations working under the umbrella of union human resource development conducts a book fair in association with Rajasthan Hindi Granth Academy and Rajasthan Publishers and book sellers. To publish books with a “missionary zeal” was the agenda behind this.

Leading newspapers circulating within the city like Rajasthan Patrika also organize its book fair under the name of National book fair. It has books on diverse issues ranging from General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Maths, Engineering, Computer, Medical, Arts, History, Craft, paintings, and Current Knowledge. Motivation, Biographies, Mythology, Philosophy, Technical, Children, Self help and Education.

Elephant Fair in Jaipur

Elephant Fair in Jaipur
colorful elephants standing in order at the fair

The state of Rajasthan is often touted as the cultural ambassador of India. Calender is always packed with some event, festival or fair. One of the most awaited event of the year is the annual Elephant festival, which is one of its kind. This festival coincides with the colorful festival of holi. The Elephant festival is celebrated a day ahead of holi. The venue for elephant festival is the famous Chaugan ground. Elephants are rigorously trained by their masters so that they put forward an entertaining show.

Elephants are decorated with various colorful accessories. Many other strings and bells are tied to them so as to entice the crowd watching them. They are made to stand in a row and then they do catwalk. Elephants have a lot of asthetic value in Indian mythology.The entry of elephants all decked up with colourful clothes is itself a treat to eyes. They often perform some sweet gestures like acknowledging  the crowd waving at them,offering garlands to visitors. The elephants are judged by the esteemed jury who honour the best decorated elephant. Elephants also display their skills in the field of sport by playing polo.

Another aspect associated with the fair is an exhibition which has all the items in display which are used to decorate elephants. This is known as the Gaj Shringar exhibition. On the whole the uniqueness, grandeur and fervour associated with this fair are such as it is a must watch for tourists and gala time for locals.

Camel Fair Jaipur

Camel Fair in Jaipur
Playful moods at the Camel Fair

Camel is regarded as the ship of desert. The city of Pushkar located near Jaipur is well known for its annual camel fair which falls on the full moon day of the kartik month of lunar calender.The estimated number of camels in that fair is around 50000. The main idea behind conducting this fair was commercial trade between traders. This year it is scheduled to be organized from October 30 to November 6 2014.

To lure the visitors with their charm camels are decorated, painted and then paraded. Some beauty contests are also organized for them. Camel trade is one of the most important aspect of this fair.Along with camels many local artisans like singers,musicians, snake charmers also display their talent. A craft bazaar is also organized. Tourists can also enjoy folk songs and dances. Also pilgrims come to take a holy dip in the lake. It is believed that a dip during this auspicious time can help them get rid of all the sins they have done in the past.

The fair can also be enjoyed from the sky as their is a facility to fly in a hot air balloon and have a aerial view of fair. This period of the year has heavy inflow of tourists so it is always advisable to go for advance bookings.

Jaipur Stone fair

Jaipur Stone Fair
dignitaries at the annual Stone fair in Jaipur

India Stonemart is the leading event for stones in the city of Jaipur. It showcases products from diverse places. It presents stones of various dimensions, cuts and texture. It is used for commercial aspects also which can range from brand positioning, promotion, market penetration and development. It is a global arena for everyone who is something in the stone industry. It is jointly organized by CDOS (Centre for development of stones) with FICCI as co-organiser, supported by the Government and sponsored by the all the giants of the stone industry. The principal sponsor is Rajasthan State Industrial Development Investment Corporation Ltd. It also has a special pavilion dedicated to Rajasthan where more than 200 varieties of stones found in Rajasthan are showcased.

Stone industry has been a centre of attraction and is making rapid strides of progress. The economic growth observed by this industry is testimony to its value. A large chunk of global trade more than 11 % for exports is done by India. Out of all the stones produced in different parts of the world 27% are from India.

Sandstone, Marble and granite are the main popular stones in this area. Jaipur also has a research lab dedicated to conducting advance level studies on stones. The city of Jaipur is also admired for precious and semi precious Gem stones. Rare varieties of stones like Natural Aquamarine, Blue Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Emerald, Tsavorite, Tanzanite, Tourmaline are eye catcher for any stone lover. Highly skilled manpower is put to work for intricate cutting and polishing work. The workers are those who have been involved in the same work since generations.

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