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Exhibitions in Jaipur

An artistic and creatively vibrant city is always in search of viable platforms to showcase its creative talents and skills to the world. One such popular platform is ‘exhibition’, which is used world over by artistic and even business communities to showcase their best work to the world and also to earn some healthy profit from the same. Likewise, many renowned annual exhibitions in Jaipur seek to bring out and demonstrate the best works from varied artistic fields and industries. Few of these annual exhibitions in Jaipur are in fact today considered amongst most awaited annual events by people of Jaipur.
Below we’ve provided valuable information’s on some of the most popular annual exhibitions held in Jaipur city. We’ve also provided information on Birla Auditorium. Since it is one of the most favorite venues for world class exhibitions in Jaipur city.

Jewelry Exhibitions in Jaipur

Jewellery Exhibition in Jaipur

Jaipur people have a very inherent and intimate love affair with jewelries. After all, Jaipur is the official royal city of India and here people even today like to wear royalty on their selves. And people of Jaipur get to express all their royal love for jewelries & diamonds during prominent annual jewelry exhibitions held in the city.  Although there are quite many annual Jewellery exhibitions conducted in Jaipur, but amongst them only two are prominent & immensely popular. These are Jaipur Jewellery Show and Jaipur Association Show. Below is very brief information about these two prominent exhibitions.

Jaipur Jewellery Show

Organized every year in the month of December, this is unarguably the most popular Jewellery exhibition in Jaipur. In fact this annual event is the biggest B2B (business 2 business) and B2C (business 2 customers) Jewellery exhibition of entire India. During this four day exhibition event over 400 jewellery stalls & booths are put that showcases literally every type of jewellery – right from modern to traditional, from necklace to diamond sets, from uncut stones to most polished gems and literally everything & anything that comes under the vast gamut of jewellery items.

Jewelry Exhbitions in Jaipur
Models showcasing latest jewelry at an exhibition

This four day exhibition is indeed showpiece event that no diehard jewellery lover can afford to miss. This 4 day showpiece event is usually held in Raj Mahal Palace Hotel, a prominent luxury 5 star hotel of Jaipur. For further information please click on the link:
Besides, you can also call on this following phone numbers for any further information on this exhibition event: (91) 141 2725647 and (91) 141 2725648       

Jaipur Association Show

This is another prominent annual Jewellery exhibition held in Jaipur city. Usually held in the month of August at state-of-the art B M Birla Auditorium. The who’s who of Jewellery Industry participates in this 3 day exhibition. Over 300 stalls are put on during this exhibition where again all types of jewelries, right from popular to niche, are displayed here. This annual exhibition show is now 8 years old and estimated 30,000 people visit it every year. This exhibition event is as big as Jaipur Jewellery Show and is obviously a must visit event for die hard jewellery lovers.
For further information on this exhibition click on this link:
Besides, you can also call on this following contact numbers for any further information on this exhibition event: Mr. Rakesh Kr. Jain (Sr. Executive Officer): 09352370067, Ms. Nitika Patni: 09636607835.

Art Exhibitions in Jaipur

Jaipur and in fact entire Rajasthan state has always been a breeding ground for artistic talents. And today these priceless artistic talents exude and literally come to life in countless art exhibitions held in Jaipur city. Here is some valuable information on some of the best art festivals held in Jaipur. Besides, we've also provided information about renowned art galleries in Jaipur city.

Art Exhibition in Jaipur
Jaipur Art Festival

Jaipur Art Festival

This is the biggest and only art festival held in Jaipur city. In fact, the art festival held in March 2013 (i.e. this year) was its first edition. The purpose of this festival is to promote and popularize visual arts among general public. Its first edition was attended by many renowned & accomplished painters not only from India, but also from foreign countries. Besides, the festival was quite well received by general public.          
For further information on this festival, please click on this link                        

Art Galleries in Jaipur

Below we’ve provided addresses & contact information’s of some of the most renowned art galleries in Jaipur city.

Kalaneri Art Gallery
SB1, ‘The Royals’, JLN Road,
Near Dainik Bhaskar Crossing,
Jaipur – 302017,
Phone no: +91 9987164333, 9828508289, 9828010342,

Samanvai Art Gallery
351, III Floor, Ganpati Plaza MI Road,
Jaipur Rajasthan,
302001 India,       
Phone no: +91-9829060588

Art N Frame
41, Girdhar Marg, Adjoining Fortis Hospital,
J.L.N Marg, Jaipur – 302017
Phone no: +91-141 – 4011829
Mobile no: 9829013441.       

Juneja Art Gallery
6 & 7, Ground Floor, Lakshmi Complex, M.I Road,
Opposite Hotel Jaies,
Jaipur 302001,  
Phone no: +91 141 4034964.
Timing: on weekdays from 10 am to 8 pm

Art Chill Gallery
Amber Palace,
Amer Road, Jaipur,
Phone no: +91 141 2530025/2530015.
Timing: daily from 8:30 am to 6:30 am.

Jawahar Kala Kendar
Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg,
Phone no: 0141- 2706560, 2706503, 2706641.  

Birla Auditorium

The state-of-the-art Birla Auditorium surely deserves a mention when there is any discussion about world class exhibitions in Jaipur city. After all, Jaipur’s best and biggest exhibitions are held at this very  famous auditorium. Besides its array of world class facilities, it also offers humongous space for exhibition: Indoor 3600 sq m and Outdoor 4200 sq m. For people who want to know which are the best exhibitions going on in Jaipur city, all they have to do is to head towards Birla Auditorium.

B.M. Birla Auditorium
Birla Institute of Scientific Research
Statue Circle, Jaipur-302001
Rajasthan, INDIA                  
Phone no: +91-141-2385224
Fax: +91-141-2385121

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