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Courts in Jaipur

Jaipur judicial system is monitored and conducted by courts of Jaipur and these courts work under Rajasthan High Court located at Jodhpur. There are different levels of courts in Jaipur and each of the levels deals with differ aspects of legal disputes and complaints lodged by Jaipur residents or those are operating business under Jaipur jurisdiction.

Courts of Jaipur
Rajashtan High Court, Jaipur

Courts of Jaipur

Courts of Jaipur is a systematic network which runs under the stricture and guidelines of Indian Constitution and thus Indian Supreme court is considered as the highest level of court where legislative decision is concerned against all criminal assaults and civil disputes.

District court of Jaipur

The district Court of Jaipur is the lower level trial court of the capital city. The court hears the first phase of complaint and in next level the decision of the court can be reviewed and appealed in front of the Rajasthan high court, located at Jodhpur. The cases of sexual assault, fraud, theft, burglary, drug offenses are lodged in the form of complaint in front of district courts of Jaipur. In the judicial hierarchy, district court of Jaipur plays the pivotal role of maintaining law and order as per Indian Constitution. District Courts of Jaipur is also called Session courts.

Address- Ganesh Nagar Extension, Jhotwara, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302012, India
Phone number: 9911778423

Consumer Court of Jaipur

Consumer court of Jaipur deals with consumer grievances related to business transaction and consumer purchase. Dissatisfied consumers can file here their complaints regarding fraudulent activities or harassment of ship-owners or business service providers and process the file for the decision of the court. The consumer court of Jaipur runs under the guidelines of consumer protection right of Indian constitution.

According to consumer rights of India, a purchaser may claim for his/rights in case he/she is exploited from after sales service, from the claimed quality of the company, against the harassment of the fraudulent shop owners. The purchaser has to submit the proof of purchase as well as the proof of harassment. Consumer Court of Jaipur is a special court run by Government of Rajasthan for protection of consumer rights.

Name of address of Consumer court, Jaipur

Consumer court, Jaipur
Shanti Nagar, Khatipura Road, Hasanpura, Jaipur - 302006, Rajasthan, India
Handloom Haveli, Ashok Marg, C-Scheme, 1st Floor, Jaipur - 302 001
Phone number: 0141- 2371837

Labor Court, Jaipur

Labor Court Jaipur is a government judicial body engaged in making resolution to employment related disputes under the jurisdiction of Jaipur. The Court and its directives are conducted by Chief Justice and associated justices.

The address and contact number:

Shanti Nagar, Khatipura Road,
Hasanpura, Jaipur - 302006
Phone number-0141-2450781

Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur Bench

 In Rajasthan High court a special justice’s bench is maintained and is called Jaipur Bench. The introduction of Jaipur bench in Rajasthan High Court was done by Sawai Raja Jai Singh but unfortunately in the year 1958, the bench got dissolved. In the yeae1977 it was reformed again. Currently The Jaipur bench is comprised of 14 judges.

Rajasthan High Court Bar Association, Jaipur is a registered society of the Advocates practicing at Jaipur Bench of Rajasthan High Court. The body selects its office members through direct election every year. The 2012 elections were contested on the issue of overlooking legal ethics and a referendum against frequent and flash strikes by Advocates as these strikes by advocates causes extra burden on already burdened Judiciary system. All seven candidates for Presidency spoke against Strike. The candidates were Senior Advocate Mr. R. N. Mathur, Mr. Rajendra Sharma, Mr. Manoj Sharma, Mr. Laxmi Narain Bose, Mr. Ashok Bansal, Dr. Vibhuti Bhushan Sharma, and Mr. Mahendra Gaur.

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