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Chokhi Dhani in Jaipur

The diversity of India e.g. cultural, sociological or even geographical has long been attracting people to its embrace.  Rajasthan is India’s one of the largest tourist catchers for years. Indian tourism sector predominately depends on Rajasthan alone. The mesmerizing state of Thar dessert, the ancient Rajputana of those intrepid Rajputs, the land of vibrant cultural varieties and the place of utter luxurious yet cordial hospitality - Rajasthan is a blend of everything a wander soul can ask for. Jaipur is the heart of the state of Rajasthan boasting a grave historical milieu as well as a vivacious cultural spirit.

Chokhi Dhani

As Jaipur attracts scores of tourists with numerous historical antiquities it at the same time fetches people from all over the world by the alluring cultural vividness. If Jaipur represents the effervescence of the state there is still a place in Jaipur in which the whole Rajasthan coalesced so well that one can get the all-over essence of the state in a rich colourful way with sheer warmth of genial reception. 20 km away from the main city Chokhi Dhani which means ‘a special village’ is truly the little Rajasthan on its own. Being a walled place Chokhi Dhani has everything inside it that the state of Rajasthan can offer. The traditional culture, the artifacts, the cuisine-all in a complete Rajasthani ambience shaped into a rural Rajasthani village at Chokhi Dhani.

Choki Dhani is one of the most popular sites in Jaipur. This concept village was established in 1990 mainly to promote and preserve the Rajasthani tradition through several modes of amiable amusement as well as keeping in mind the necessity of the modern amenities. People mainly the foreign tourists enjoy here the most as they find the freshness and the rustic charm of the rural India. Chokhi Dhani is similarly popular among the Indian middle class tourists. One would get the essence of Rajasthani hospitality starting from entering the village. The smiling faces and pleasant existences of the reception personnel would welcome you to a unique, pure and refreshed world which is situated in a naturally calm area far from the urban hustle-bustle.

Camel Riding

Chokhi Dhani offers several amusement categories. You can ride on the back of camels-the dessert-ships. Or you can take a joy ride on elephants, bullock-cart, and horse or even you can make a boating trip on Tal Talaiya, the dedicated lake inside the mock-village. It is as thrilling and romantic as roaming on any other natural water-body.

Chokhi Dhani1

There are also a number of hangout places inside Chokhi Dhani. The popular ones are the Vaishno Devi Temple with a beautiful water fall just outside it. Then there is an artificial cave called Babaji ka Cave which brings people to the primitive age. At Rathakhana there is a nice display of various ancient Chariots or Rathas. At Chokhi Dhani the traditional village culture of Rajasthan would enthrall the tourists by displaying those conventional huts, village life-style etc.

Representing the cultural heritage, Chokhi Dhani offers live performance of all kinds of traditional folk dances. Ghoomer, Kalbeliya or the snake dance, Potter dance, Chaupal Nach-Gaan, Terah-Tali or the Bhopa-bhopi dance- all the popular forms just keep the tourists enchanted.

DiningThe best part of the ethnic village of Chokhi Dhani is undoubtedly the dining experience. The most exquisite and delectable Rajasthani dishes are served here in traditional way. There is Sangri Dining Hall where one can have those mouth-watering foods in the Manuhaar or ‘eat-till-you desire’ tradition. Apart from it, there are dining halls like Chaupar, Gorbandh open air dining and the Royal fine dining where eating would be an experience of a life-time.

The National Museum at Chokhi Dhani represents not only the past glory of Rajasthan but you can get experience the whole Indian cultural opulence. 

For the shopaholics and the souvenir collectors there is a retail handicraft village inside Chokhi Dhani called Kalagram where one can find all those authentic and traditional Rajasthani artifacts at considerably reasonable price. Kalagram took this nice initiative to sustain the livelihood of hundreds of craftsmen of the state.

With all the rustic appeal of a rural Rajasthan, Chokhi Dhani in Jaipur is definitely a life-time experience for the visitors. From the simple bucolic life to the grandeur of Royal fine dining-Chokhi Dhani is everything Rajasthani at its best.

The important details of Chokhi Dhani are given below:

Chokhi Dhani Village
12, Miles Tonk Road, Via Vatika Jaipur,
Rajasthan, India
Phone No. +91 141 516 5000- 516 5015

Timings :From 5 PM to 11 PM

Regular Entrance Fees including the Traditional Rajasthani Thali

Adult: Rs. 500/-
Children (Height up to- 3.5 Feet): Rs. 300/-

AC Royal Rajasthani Thali
Adult: Rs. 700/-
Children (Height up to- 3.5 Feet): Rs.450/-

Multicuisine Buffet Thali
Adult: Rs. 800/-
Children (Height up to- 3.5 Feet): Rs. 500/-

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