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Best Flea Markets in Jaipur

Jaipur with its vibrant culture, texture and historical lineage of the Rajputana days is quite sinful when it comes to shopping for souvenirs and goods. Colorful shops and stalls, roadside markets, flea markets displaying paraphernalia which tourists cannot give a miss beckon from its narrow by lanes. Although the city has upgraded itself in the past few years to AC supermarkets and swanky shopping malls, shopping experience of wares from the flea markets and traditional roadside stalls has not diminished a bit.

Jaipur is famous for Kundan jewelry and Meenakari work on items, tie and dye fabrics, handicrafts, pottery, wooden and glass bangles, precious and semi precious gemstones, carpets, camel skin slippers, decors and its sweetmeats.

Shopping at Flea Market in Jaipur

Let’s have a look at some of the best flea markets and the items that are sold here at affordable prices where tourists bargaining with shopkeepers over goods are a common sight.

Johari Bazar

Best flea markets in Jaipur

The oldest marketplace in Jaipur; Johari Bazar is the classic example of symbolizing the culture of the pink city as all the shops in this market are painted in pink colour giving the place a vibrant thrill. Located off Queens Road in Chuapimpara region of Jaipur city, tourists have to reach the junction of Gopalji ka Rasta and Haldion ka Rasta where the shops sell Meenakari items (enameled art on precious and semi precious metals and items), Kundan Jewellery (gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones.

As the name suggests, Johari Bazar is renowned for its unique jewellery items sold in the market which is a great attraction for foreign and Indian tourists who have to bargain with the shopkeepers as they tend to raise the price of jewellery and ornaments often.

While shopping for jewellery in Johari Bazar, do not forget to shop for colorful Bandhni (tie and dye) and block printed fabrics, bangles, wooden handicrafts, Jaipuri blankets. Also make it a point to visit Laksmi Mistanna Bhandar in Johari Bazar which is famous for its mouth watering Rajasthani sweets. The market remains open on all days from 10:00 am in the morning till 11:00 pm in the night; however parts of the market remains closed on Sundays and Tuesdays.

Tripolia Bazaar

Flea markets in Jaipur

A flea market nestled between Choti Chaupar and Manak Chowk near City Palace of Jaipur, Tripolia Bazaar is famous for being the biggest hub of utensils made of stainless steel, brassware, ironware and fabrics. There are several shops in Tripolia Bazaar which sell trinkets, textiles, rugs, carpets and furniture. However this market is very popular for ornaments made from lac which is sold at Maniharon ka Rasta in the bazaar area to purchase colorful lac bangles, jewellery, earrings, necklaces, bracelets directly from the artisans at negotiated prices. Lac jewellery can be a good souvenir and gift items for friends and relatives.

Besides, this market is also famous for authentic carpets and durries with painted motifs of figurines, flora and fauna styled in Indo-Heratic design. Carpets might be a bit expensive so durries which are inexpensive can be bought in exchange from Tripolia Bazar.

Nehru Bazar and Bapu Bazaar

Top flea markets in Jaipur

Tourists with a fetish for slippers and colorful shoes must head to Nehru and Bapu Bazaar area nestled between Sanganeri Gate and New Gate and for artistic and crafted slippers called ‘Mojris’ from camel skin. Shop for leather items, jewellery, perfumes and textiles from these two traditional roadside markets in Jaipur and do not forget to bargain with the shopkeepers.

Chandpole Bazar

Jaipur flea markets

Tourists with a knack for art and sculpture should visit Chandpoel Bazar where marble sculptors and artisans as well as painters continue creating marvelous masterpieces in Khazane Walon ka Rasta. Also look out for Silwaton ka Mohalla where artisans chisel out beautiful creations of artwork from marble. Do not forget to shop for marble artwork, miniature sculptures and paintings from Chandpole bazar in Jaipur city although it might be a bit hard on the pocket.

Kishanpole Bazar

Markets in Jaipur

Located at the junction of Babu Harish Chandra Marg and Chaura Rasta Kishanpole Bazar is renowned  in Jaipur for fascinating Bandhni fabrics and artwork on the textiles which are made from white cloth immersed in colors and then tied and dyed to create the masterpiece famous all over the world. Bandhni Designs to look out for in Kishanpole Bazar are Lahariya, Chequered, Mothda, Small Circles, Diagonal strips. Also look out for furniture and home décor in this market and do head to Rangwalon ki Gali to observe the artisans working on Bandhni fabrics.

Sireh Deori

Bazars of Jaipur

The longest bazar in Jaipur city located very close to Hawa Mahal; Sireh Deori market runs from the city’s eastern to western gate crisscrossing the City Palace. Do shop for leather shoes and slippers, wooden puppets, colorful fabrics, Jaipuri quilts and many more items from Sireh Deori Bazaar while on a trip to Jaipur.

Do not miss out Mirza Ismail Road lined with roadside stalls and shops for blue pottery, jewellery, fabrics, silver jewellery, handicrafts, antiques, crafted woodwork items, bangles, carpets, footwear and many more collectibles.

Though not exactly a flea market kind of store, Rajasthali- the state government run emporium of Rajasthani handicrafts near Ajmeri Gate is worth visiting for Rajasthani paintings, pottery, woodwork, jewellery, furniture and fabric though the cost might be high than normal stalls for the authenticity of the products sold here.

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