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Bagru Village Jaipur

Geographically, Bagru is a small village and is located on Jaipur Ajmer road of Rajasthan at 35 km away from Pink city Jaipur. Apparently looks common, this small village has come up recently to hold a prominent place in Rajasthan tourism: the place has become globally famous for its renowned Bagru Print, which are wooden block printing depicting different classical figures, or events of Rajasthan mythology. Because of the traditional value as well as for awesome effort on producing best quality printed fabrics, Bagru Print has acquired highly esteemed place as exclusive Rajasthan special handcraft with global applause.

Bagru Village Jaipur
Cloth Dying in Bagru

The traditional process of producing fabric

The process to procure Bagru print is out and out traditional and the process has been followed by the craftsmen since last 300 years. Here wooden blocks are used where the pattern of the design is found embossed. This pattern is use for portraying the impression of it on the fabric texture. These wooden patters are called “Ajrakh”. The ancestor of this folk art was the Rajasthani community “Chippa Mohalla”.

Besides beautiful design, unique color combination is one of the salient features of Bagru Print. However, eco friendliness is another feature of this fabric. The craftsmen prepare their dyes from natural colors sources like blue is made of indigo, red color is extracted from madder roots, green color is made by mixing pomegranate and turmeric juice, and yellow from turmeric extract. Besides excellent color texture these colors are 100% safe and never create any sort of skin irritation or irruption, etc.

Raiger community of people  from Bagru village are found  engaged in processing and procuring of leather and the leather products like Boot, Mochdi (Rajasthani jhutee and other leather goods. The Raiger community exports raw semi-processed leather to the big lather industries as well as sale them in local market of Jaipur. Bagru is also famous for producing pickles (Achar) manufactured by Jhalani Food Products Pvt. Ltd.

How to Reach at Bagru ?

Bagru is positioned on the Jaipur - Ajmer road, and the road also is known as National Highway 8. Tourists can avail frequent bus services running between Bagru and Jaipur:  privet taxis are available also for hire from Jaipur to Bagru. The nearby airport to Bagru is the Sanganer Airport, Jaipur. Bagru is well connected by rail as Jaipur railway station is about 32-35 km away. Another substitute is a small railway station Durgapura, which is located almost at the same distance from Bagru.

Bagru prints have already been acknowledged in Indian fashion industry. Besides flow of tourists, people who want to work of different Indian fabric often find visiting this place for purchasing Bagru printed fabrics. Besides tourism importance Bagru has great commercial value for its arts and artifice production. Unique design and eco-friendly color combo of Bagru print has secured a permanent print in Indian commercial tourism as well.

Best Time to Visit

The period between October and March month is the best time to visit Bagru. However, except summer, anytime can be a great time for visiting Bagru.

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